For over ten years, until spring 2018, Joanna edited SpokeOut magazine, a quarterly health and lifestyle magazine published by Ireland’s largest physical disability charity, IWA (Irish Wheelchair Association), in partnership with Dyflin Media, and later Tower Media, and distributed to over 20,000 readers with disabilities.

As editor, she got to meet and interview many interesting people, who often shared their personal stories with with the aim of encouraging other people adapting to life with a disability. Another part of her role was to mentor young writers with disabilities, who gained writing experience through the magazine.

On several occasions the magazine was shortlisted for ‘Customer/Member Magazine of the Year’ at the Magazines Ireland Awards, and she was also nominated as ‘Editor of the Year’.

A full back catalogue in PDF format or hard copy is available from the Irish Wheelchair Association, so please contact them if you are looking for something from the archive.

She continues writing and editing of disability-related content for disability organisations, including working on the 2020 IWA Access Guidelines.